My brother Rick married Myhra right after the new year. I achieved a goal I had for a long time to try parachuting. I also bought my M3 convertible in the fall.

New Smyrna - Rick & Myhra get married at a friend's B&B

Dad, Rick & Mom

Rick & Mom

My beautiful mother...

Adam, Dave & Carl

Dad, Mom & Carl

Rick & Myhra

Acworth - My drum set kept getting bigger!

Atlanta - The Atlanta-based Visionary Design Systems crew. I still work with several of the people in the photo.

Atlanta Centennial Park

Atlanta Centennial Park

Atlanta Turner Fields - Adam, Dave & Carl at a Braves game

Atlanta Centennial Park - Dave & family with the Tubridy brick (6th from the left on the lower row)


Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach

Panama City - At the memorial day parade

Panama City - Lisa and Adam in the new speedboat

Cocoa Beach - Dave & Lisa stylin'

Atlanta - The last picture of my '90 325is

Near Atlanta - After my first (and only) parachute jump

Cocoa Beach

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