I moved back to the States in the beginning of 1990. I moved to Fort Collins Colorado where my 'home' group had relocated to during my stay in Germany. I lived in Colorado for 6 years before moving to Atlanta in 1996.

Panama City - Rick, Rick's girlfriend Liz, Adam, Dave, Lisa and Me in front of Dave's old house

Panama City - Carl - Dave & Lisa's second child born in 1990.

Panama City - Dave & Carl

Panama City - Lisa & Carl

Panama City - Mom & Carl

Panama City - Carl, Adam & Dave

Panama City - Christmas Presents!

Panama City - Goofin' around with Uncle Ed

Panama City - Lisa, Adam & Dave

Panama City - Rick, Dave & Adam

Panama city - The sailors!

Berlin Germany - Right after the fall...

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach

Kennedy Space Center

Cocoa Beach - Catching big (sort of) air!

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