My senior year at Cal Poly I moved in with two guys in a house in Los Osos. It was about 10 miles away from Cal Poly on Morrow Bay and the pacific ocean. Probably the nicest place I've ever lived. I graduated in May of that year, got married and moved to Seattle. There I started graduate school at the University of Washington.

Our house near the beach - Aspen House

My roommate Jeff Sloane and his girlfriend (and later wife) Beth.

My parents had moved several years earlier to Lancaster California, about a 4 hour drive from San Luis Obispo. My Dad was working to build the first Shuttle in Palmdale. I drive home every 3 months or so. This is Mom standing on the front porch of their home.

Mom in the desert around Lancaster.

Myself, Jeff and my other roommate Steve Albright. This was taken on graduation.

At graduation. All three of us graduated with degree's in Mechanical Engineering. Jeff worked for IBM for a while in the bay area and then moved back to SLO to open a bike shop... Steve headed for New Mexico to build solar powered homes...

After graduation I took a trip around the whole outer perimeter of the US. Here I am with my friend Bill Zweigbaum who was living in New England (Massachusetts?) working on a dairy farm. Here we are eating a midnight snack.

Right before I graduated my parents moved back to Cocoa Beach. On my trip I stopped and spent a week or so with them. Here we are in the backyard. Dave later bought the sailboat from Dad and owned it for many years.

Mom & Dad in the backyard.


Bill's sister Laura. Here we are at Shakey's Pizza Parlor in Cocoa Beach. I worked there before moving to California in 1975. After that my brother Rick and Laura worked there.

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