My two brothers and I grew up watching my father work up to eventually landing a man on the moon. growing up in Cocoa Beach was almost like being on vacation everyday (except you had to go to school!). Dad loved to sail. We all spent a lot of time in or around the water.

Myself, Rick and Dave looking back at the front of the house.
The wood posts you see are still standing (more or less).

Rick & I

Rudy, Myself and Rick. Note that they started building on the vacant lots next door.

With Sandra and Dave too...

Dad and ? (maybe Ash Huff???) on our sailboat Argo (after Jason and the Argonauts)

Me in the back yard.

...side yard...

Our Dog Spot
(Yes - his name was spot!)
There were no lease laws in the 60s in cocoa Beach. Spot would wander far and wide - often disappearing for days at a time on the islands. When he returned he invariably had a dead rabbit or fish that he proceeded to roll in. Spot would also follow us to school regularly. We would have to lock him up in the Janitor's closet until the end of the day. He survived heartworms twice and lived to be about 10 years old.

... with my Gerbils in our Living Room.

In the back yard...

My birthday - at my Aunt Mary's farm in West Virginia

... and with my cousin Pam.

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