My two brothers and I grew up watching my father work up to eventually landing a man on the moon. growing up in Cocoa Beach was almost like being on vacation everyday (except you had to go to school!). Dad loved to sail. We all spent a lot of time in or around the water.

Myself at elementary school
Originally called cocoa Beach elementary it was renamed Freedom 7 (after a Mercury flight) when they built the high school.

At the beach...

Neighbors John McCary (left) and Rudy Wells (right) in out side yard. John's house is behind us.

Myself and Dave

Me and Rick in our side yard. You can see the spoils islands (created by dredging) behind us. They are called the 'Thousand Islands'.

Rudy, Dave & I in the front yard (before the driveway was paved!)

Dad, Rick, Mom and I - most likely in West Virginia at my Aunt Mary's house.

Dad - mostly likely in West Virginia too...

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