Underwater Photo Gallery

I have been privileged to see a lot of beautiful and unusual creatures in the ocean.  Here's a selection of my underwater photos.

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Palau Nudibranch.jpg (56191 bytes) Palau Hermit.jpg (31147 bytes) Palau Moorish Idol.jpg (68257 bytes)
Soft Coral Palau Anemonefish.jpg (79318 bytes) Palau School.jpg (64902 bytes)
Bonaire octopus.jpg (83113 bytes) Bonaire Golden Moray.jpg (67470 bytes) Palau Scribbled Filefish.jpg (54306 bytes)
Honduras Spiney Lobster.jpg (100035 bytes) Bonaire Anenome Shrimp.jpg (59232 bytes) Black Lionfish
Manta Hawksbill Turtle Moray
DM_PNG_Hammerhead_Shark_small.jpg (1729 bytes) DM_PNG_Nudibrach_Psmall.jpg (3105 bytes) Dan Matheson
DM_PNG_Pink_Anomonefish_small.jpg (3383 bytes) DM_PNG_Chevron_Barracuda_small.jpg (2658 bytes) DM_PNG_Eastern_Clown_Anemonefish_small.jpg (3368 bytes)
Harlequin Ghost Pipefish DM_PNG_Big_Eye_Trevally_small.jpg (3183 bytes) DM_PNG_Staghorn_small.jpg (3847 bytes)

     Some of these exceptional shots taken where taken by my dive buddy Dan Matheson.  Dan & I are official, founding members of Rambo Diver's from Hell.

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