I Take the Plunge!
August 22, 1998

I have wanted to skydive for a long time.  I figure if I could do this, there's nothing I can't do!  With the help of Peach State Skydiving, I finally took the plunge.  I did a tandem jump from 10,000 feet.  This allowed about a minute of free fall (an incredible rush!) followed by 6 or 7 minutes on the parachute (a very nice, calm feeling).  I had a ear-to-ear grin for the rest of the day!

skydive1.jpg (37155 bytes)

In tandem jumping you and the instructor are basically 'joined at the hip'.  A small drogue is deployed right away (you can see the cord in the top of the picture) to keep you both face down.

skydive4.jpg (35788 bytes)

The wind rushing by is very loud.  Strangely enough, I did not experience any sensation of falling.

skydive3.jpg (34546 bytes)

The weather was crystal clear so the views were excellent.

skydive2.jpg (44267 bytes)

Deploying the parachute - talk about putting on the breaks!  You slow from 120 mph to about 10 mph in two or three seconds.  The wind rush completely stops.  Riding on the parachute was a very relaxing experience.

skydive5.jpg (18632 bytes)

Nearly back to mother earth!  If I have any complaint is was that the whole thing didn't last long.

skydive6.jpg (66071 bytes)

Back on the ground with my instructor Rick.   Mission accomplished and a great experience!  What next???

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