Tubridy Name & Family Genealogy

Our name is not very common but we are far from being the only Tubridy's around!

From a text dealing with Irish Surnames, comes this entry:  

Though Tubridy is the usual form of this Co. Clare name, which is Tiobraide in modern Irish, it’s synonym Tubrit, also found in Clare, seems to be nearer the earlier anglicized form. The earliest I have met - O'Tybryth - is in the Justiciary Rolls of 1311 (not in Clare in that case but in Co. Carlow). In the sixteenth century we meet Tubridd, Tubbred and Tibrud. Nevertheless the terminal third syllable is nearer the original which occurs in such records as the Book of Lecan, the Book of Ballymote and in the MacFirbis genealogies, in the form of Ua Tipraide and 0 Tipraite. It was never numerous in any century but the current Co. Clare voters lists show that it is far from dying out.

From Rebecca Tubridy in Australia, I got this story:  The story goes that a  Mrs. Ridy found a Spanish man down a well after the Spanish Armada had landed on the West Coast of Ireland.  The "Tub" means well or water in Gaelic.  The poor Spanish man couldn't speak English or Gaelic or whatever so they named him Tubridy - after the well and the woman who found him. (this story is probably not true)

My mother paid a local Irish shop for a family history done by the Historical Research Center http://www.names.com/index.html-ssi .  An excerpt follows:

With regard to the family name Tubridy, this name is derived from the Gaelic prefix 'o' denoting "descendant of" and the Gaelic name Tiobraide, derived from the Gaelic word "tiobraid" meaning "a well".  thus the initial bearer of this name was identified by members of his community as "descendant of Tiobraide".  The O Tiobraide were a Co. Clare sept, home of the Clan O'Brien of Dromoland, to whom they rendered homage.  Variants of the surname Tubridy include O'Tybryth, Tubridd, Tubbred and Tibrud.

Although this Co. Clare surname occurs in several early manuscripts such as the 'Book of Lecan", one of the earliest references tot he name or top a variant is a record of one name O'Tybryth registered in the Justiciary Rolls of 1311, in Co. Carlow, Ireland...  This name was introduced to the United States as early as 1848, in which year we find a record of the emigration of Mary, Anthony and Patt Tubridy, who departed Liverpool aboard the "Naome" and arrived in New York, January 24, 1848.