Mom & Dad

My father, Edward Horton Tubridy, died on October 21, 2002 five days after his 73rd birthday.

Rest In Peace Dad - I Love You

Last known picture of Dad - Summer 2002 Atlanta, GA

Aunt Kathryn (Prichard), Mom, Aunt Julia (Saksa) and Cousin Joe Saksa - Saint Claire Shores November 13, 2004


At Rick & Myhra's Wedding 1998

Christmas 1999

Atlanta Centennial Park - September 1998

"Trim Cost Award - KSC - MAR Vice President and General Manager "Buzz" Hello presenting Trim Cost Awards to (Right to Left): John Beau, Manager Quality and Reliability Assurance. John Hansel, Asst Manager Apollo CSM Quality and Reliability Assurance. Ed Tubridy Supervisor CSM Control Systems", dated 10-23-69

The Kovac Family - My Mother's (Betty) Family
Circa 1935 Connellsville, PA 

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