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(OK - It's not really me!)


I learned skiing relatively late in life while living in Seattle.  I toyed around with it until I moved to Colorado in the early 90's.  I figured while I was living in the heart of 'Ski Country USA' I might as well perfect the sport.  After a torn ACL, knee surgery and a broken shoulder - I can say that I can ski most anything.  Gravity sucks & I love it - best rush I've found so far!  Here's a list of my favorite ski resorts:

  • Winter Park & Mary Jane, Colorado:  I own some land near Colorado's Favorite Ski Area.  I love this place and just hope it doesn't get ruined like some other resorts.
  • Vail, Colorado - The back bowls are the next best thing to heaven.  Too damned expensive, but as the locals say - it keeps the riff-raff away.  Right.
  • Steamboat Springs, Colorado - In my opinion, best of the Colorado resorts.
  • St. Anton, Austria - Best place I've been in the Alps for scenery and cool terrain.
  • Snowbird, Utah - Best powder to-date.
  • Whistler Mountain - British Columbia, Canada - Where I first got on them boards!  Remember to bring your raincoat!

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