Our German Automobiles

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1998 BMW M3 Convertible

AKA: Matt

2000 Mercedes Benz ML 430

AKA: Opal

Past Autos

1990 BMW 325is

1984 BMW 318i

In 1984 I reluctantly bought a E30 318i against the advice of the reviewers.  I was hooked.  I had a 324d (Diesel) while living in Europe - at $4 a gallon for gas every bit counts.  I bought my dream car - a 1990 325iS while living in Germany and brought it back to the states.  I modified the suspension, wheels and tires and kept it for nearly 9 years.   When the E36 M3 first appeared I had lust in my heart.  When I heard they were going to do a Cabrio I was doomed.  The rest is history.

I have been a long time SUV owner. When I recently found myself in need of another one - Sally and I looked at the Mercedes M-Class. We were impressed and bought a ML430!

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