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I learned to Scuba dive in college.  I learned in the springs of north Florida and did a lot of diving in California while going to school.  I did some diving in the Puget Sound after moving to Seattle in the late 70's - I can't say I really like diving in 45 water!  Since then, I have done most of my diving by traveling to various (warm) places in the world.  To date, the list of places I have dove is:

  • Florida Keys - My first introduction to the ocean.
  • Crater Lake, Oregon - Honest!  I was one of the first persons to have dove here according the Park Ranger that thought we were nuts!  The water was 36 and crystal clear. 
  • Cozumel, Mexico - Great drift diving, best visibility I can recall.
  • Roatan, Honduras - I dove there while it was still a remote location.
  • Belize - Best Caribbean diving I've every done was with the Belize Aggressor on the barrier reef of Belize.   I also did Ambergris Cay which I would not recommend.
  • Bonaire - Like diving in an aquarium, great small stuff.
  • Grand Cayman, BWI - The place that it all started.  Has it's moments - especially Stingray City (honest!!!)  Dove Aggressor Fleet.
  • Great Barrier Reef, Australia - I dove with Mike Ball on the Spoilsport.  Like doing a safari in Africa (I guess - actually never done one!).
  • Palau - Once I visited Palau, the Caribbean was never going to be the same.  Dove Aggressor Fleet.
  • Papua New Guinea - Twice as good or better than any other place I've been.  I dove with Peter HughesGo there now!

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